Rebecca Lazarou


I was lucky to find my life’s pursuit from the age of 17, when my interest for medicinal plants was seriously sparked. Natural health and wellbeing is my passion with a particular focus on the science behind how medicinal plants work. For this reason I studied a degree in Human Biology to understand how plants can heal the body more deeply, and also a Master’s in Medicinal Natural Products and Phytochemistry to bridge the gap between science and plant medicines further. I currently am a medicinal plant researcher at Kew Gardens and an associate editor for the Journal of Herbal Medicine. I am also a teacher, writer and holistic therapist and intend on spending my career connecting people to healing through nature. Other interests include cognitive neuroscience and the mind as I have a diploma in hypnotherapy. I have created a social media platform to share knowledge about medicinal plants, pharmacognosy and wellbeing @Laztheplantscientist