Mark Charlton


Diverting from a trajectory into the fashion world, Mark graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Linguistics then, dubious of the looming 9-5, turned his hand to gardening projects all around the UK with WWOOF, living on not much more than love and pale moonlight. Eager to find his creative voice, he returned to college to study a Diploma in the arts. Missing close connection with the land, he moved to Andalusia to complete an ERASMUS internship at an olive oil cooperative. He stayed in Spain for 3 years, volunteering his way around eco-projects that prioritised community, the health of the people and the land. Poetic and often rightly accused of idealism, he attempts to understand how we can all live in a more nurturing, artistic and less impactful way within our environment. He likes foraging, singing, jogging through the woods and enjoys trampolining!