Jillian Stansbury

Dr Jillian Stansbury is a physician with 30 years of experience acting as the medical director of Battle Ground Healing Arts in SW WA state. She chaired the Botanical Medicine program for the _National University of Natural Medicn_e in Portland, OR for over 25 years and remains on the faculty teaching ethnobotany, natural products chemistry and botanical influences on cell biology. She was awarded the Order of the University in 2019 for her work in the profession. Dr Stansbury is the author of a number of books including a textbook series Botanical Formularies for Health Professionals published by Chelsea Green. Dr Stansbury has lived and studied with number of Amazonian indigenous communities in Peru for 15 years and has led ethnobotany field courses for over a decade, using the humble home she built in Cusco, Peru as a basecamp. At the present, Dr Stansbury operates an herbal apothecary, the Healing Arts Apothecary in Battle Ground, WA.