Angelo Giammarresi

Angelo Giammarresi was born in the splendid and sunny Sicily at the end of the 1950s, having just enough time to assimilate the scents and values of the social fabric quickly evaporated and captivated by the unstoppable modernism that, by innovating, erases history, uses, customs and often also the dignity of man. Over the years he has devoted himself to in-depth visual perception, colour psychology and visual storytelling techniques. Director, documentary filmmaker, video editing teacher, multimedia producer, self-taught ethnographer in 1989 he founded his audiovisual company, World On Communications, and produced over 80 documentaries on tourism and culture, reportage, video courses, interactive guides and games for preschoolers. After moving to Peru, he promoted tourism and culture with dynamic maps in Italian, English and Spanish of ** project.

Author of multimedia masterpieces on the indigenous culture of the central forest: *Mapiniki: Interactive History of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Native Community* and *Interactive Stories of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Tradition* in an exclusive format with texts, audio clips, video popups and photographic carousels, has recently realized the ethnographic film Na'pa Chomoch Pallerr Yanesha, in the Yanesha language with English, Spanish and Italian subtitles. The film is based on the story of a Yanesha Sage contriving how to make go on ancient traditions with new interactions of everyday life in the third millennium.