Kristi Onzik

Kristi Onzik is a doctoral candidate in the University of California Davis program in sociocultural anthropology. Her dissertation research studies a small but growing community of scientists experimenting with the boundaries of the scientifically (un)thinkable: plant thought. Building upon conversations in feminist science studies and a "more-than-human" anthropology, she asks how concepts such as plant cognition, neurobiology, and behavior are being assembled from within the experimental practices of a variety of plant scientists---many of whom are risking their careers on not simply the possibility that plants think, but working from an inner feeling, a "tacit" knowing, that plants have always already been making sense of us; we just need to learn how to listen. She has been a visiting researcher at LINV in Florence, Italy, the MINT lab in Murcia, Spain, the Plant Growth Lab in Seattle, Washington, and is an ongoing collaborator with the Biological Intelligence Lab in New South Wales, Australia, and the Plant Studies Collaboratory.