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We are delighted to introduce the Spring issue of TEA: The Ethnobotanical Assembly. Buoyed by the success of our inaugural issue last October - and accompanied by the first signs of spring here in the UK - the new issue features nine contributions that investigate people-plant relationships from a diversity of angles and perspectives. Read the full Editors' Introduction


Mexican Fan Palm, Washingtonia robusta H. Wendl., Palm Family (Arecaceae)

Ageing Icons of Los Angeles and Their Rambunctious Offspring

Palm trees have such importance in Los Angeles that an entire neighborhood on the Westside is named for them, and much has been written about their role in defining the city as an exotic, glamorous destination.

Evan Meyer

May Events

  • 8th

    The 42nd Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology

  • 25th

    Foraging Course by Jason Irving

  • 28th

    7th International Orchid Conservation Congress


Photo Essay

A Country of Lush Ears of Rice

A Rice Harvest in Rural Japan

Rice is intrinsic to Japanese culture, inseparable from nature and ethics. Children are raised to truly appreciate the crop, and not waste a single grain in respect for those who farm it.

Ryuehei Oishi


Three Spirit

A Botanical Elixir Formulated for Pleasure

As alcohol is on the decline amongst millenials, 'sober curiosity' is gaining popularity, offering healthier and more interesting alternatives.

Rebecca Lazarou

I am walking in your garden now in a daydream,
Following your footsteps in the green


A film by Fabian Broeker



Street Plants - The Wild Flora of Los Angeles

A Series Examining the Wild Plants of LA

Many of these plants are cosmopolitan members of the globalized urban flora, originating in distant places and growing in cities all around the world.

Evan Meyer


Castor Bean, Ricinus communis L., Spurge Family (Euphorbiaceae)

The Tropics of LA: Useful and Deadly Denizens of the Wild West

The average Angeleno probably does not look at the large-leaved and conspicuous plant growing wild throughout their city as an escaped crop with enormous industrial use, or as the source of one of the world's deadly poisons.

Evan Meyer


Tea for Two (Million)

A Kombucha Recipe for Your Microbiome and You

This at-once flimsy and meaty SCOBY ‘mother’ (bear with me) will give ‘daughters’ when she’s healthy (understandable), and even ‘hotels’ (bewilderment kicks in).

Mark Charlton