This edition of TEA: The Ethnobotanical Assembly explores the spiritual dimensions of our complex relationships with plants. Taking into account indigenous cosmologies demonstrates that spiritual traditions originate from vastly different understandings of the human experience, which have generated diverse ways of relating to ourselves and to the world around us.


The 'Sensitivity' and 'Vital Breath' of Plants

A View from the Palawan Rainforest (The Philippines)

The Pälawan notion that all living beings have an intangible essence has important repercussions for the way in which people relate to animals and plants.

Dario Novellino


Bravely Stepping Out into the Wild World of Meditative Foraging

Let yourself be taken for a ride, a Sensational journey, through Lush Outer Landscapes, and Hidden Inner Ravines...

Charlie Morton


Lost in Translation/Speaking the Language of the Land

The Quest for a New Environmental Narrative

The exact language of science leaves little or no space for metaphorical and figurative language, so we are left with a limited vocabulary to explain what we do not fully know or understand.

Francesca Castagnetti


  • July 15th

    Medicinal Plant Lecture, Series 2

  • September 15th

    Medicinal Plant Lecture, Series 3

  • October 11th

    Connecting Plants and People: An Ethnobotanical Conversation


Plant Healing

French Plant Spirits

Exploring the Use of the Amazonian Plant-diet Practice in France

A dietary therapy as a means of bridging individuals' separation from nature and finding and feeling one's place in it.

Giorgio Tresca


Symbolic Associations

Tree Species and Sacred Natural Sites in Italy

The most diverse cultures around the world have invariably relied on plants to embody, convey, and most likely inspire their meanings, values and visions of human relationship with the cosmos.

Fabrizio Frascaroli and Þóra Fjelsted


Hunting with Plant Spirits

Arrow poison, Antiaris toxicaria and the Raglai

For the Raglai, Anitiaris toxicaria is a potent ally and a powerful spirit, a plant to be approached with reverence and caution.

Alex Greene

Previous Issues


The Hunter in the Rye

Ergot, Sedges and Hunting Magic in the Peruvian Amazon

There is no such thing as a good hunter, good practice, good luck, or good genes, only good hunting medicine.

Glenn H. Shepard Jr.


Cañi, Chile

A Sensory Engagement with the Question of Multiplicity in Forest Conservation

Far from being mere wilderness removed from social life, Cañi reveals itself through many stories.

Piergiorgio di Giminiani, Josefina Buschman and Martin Fonck


The Deep History of Humans and Plants

Ethnobotany in Historical Perspective

The relationships humans have established with plants have endured for as long as the genus Homo has existed.

Roy Ellen


Genderqueer Gardening

Lessons from an Indigenous Life-world

Indigenous communities worldwide have developed sophisticated ways of understanding gender fluidity beyond the male/female dualism.

Theresa L. Miller


Domestic Arrangements

Yangon's Downtown Gardens

As conversations with some of Yangon’s residents revealed, these potted gardens hold their own intimate narratives.

Jessica MacCormick